Don’t mind the sign

Yes, there’s a sign in front of our building, a marker that shows who and where we are. But don’t let that wooden placard fool you — Cornerstone of Recovery is so much more than a business.

It’s a home — A place where patients establish lifelong relationships with one another and the staff members who help them start out on their new journeys … a facility where the shackles of the past are broken and new futures are begun … a building in which patients are welcomed with open arms and are taught that they’re not bad people — they’re sick people, and we’re here to help them get better.

It’s a family — a union of counselors, teachers, advisers and administrators, many of whom are in recovery themselves and some of whom were Cornerstone patients at one time. They relate to patients because they’ve walked in their footsteps, have felt the hopelessness that goes hand-in-hand with addiction and alcoholism and have discovered through their own recovery journeys that they no longer have to live in fear, despair and degradation.

It’s a house — a safe haven for those who come through the doors beaten and broken and with nowhere else to turn. It’s a warm bed and hot meals, shoulders to cry on and loving peers and therapists to whom they can unburden themselves.

It’s a school — an institution at which instruction on the disease models of addiction and alcoholism are taught so that those who take their lessons to heart can educate themselves about their illnesses. Coping skills, triggers, choices and making the right decisions — at Cornerstone of Recovery, we believe that knowledge is power, and those who embrace the teachings that changed the life of Bill Hood and so many others can find their own lives similarly transformed.

It’s a church — not in the religious sense of the word, but in the spiritual connotation; a sanctuary of solace where open minds are encouraged and spiritual principles are taught. Honesty, open-mindedness, willingness — these things are not the exclusive property of religion but fundamental characteristics of basic human decency, and we help those who have walked so long in darkness as to forget them that they can be found and embraced again.

It’s a lifestyle — a place where futures are forged in love and support of one another, a way of life that sees many of our alumni returning year after year to Cornerstone of Recovery’s annual Alumni Weekend, sharing stories of their continued successes and renewing relationships with those they’ve met along the way.

Cornerstone of Recovery — it is all of these things and more. The sign? That tells the world who we are. What we are … what we do … is so much more.

Cornerstone of Recovery’s Mission

Our mission is a simple one: hope. We provide comprehensive treatment for individuals from all walks of life who suffer from chemical abuse and addiction. We address the problem itself and help those afflicted rebuild all aspects of their lives, from their family relationships to their careers. And we’re constantly looking for ways to build and improve what we do.But that’s not all. We recognize that chemical dependency is a problem not just for individuals, but for society itself. We consider it part of our mission to educate the public and to work with families, employers, schools, legal systems, health care professionals and clergy. Recovery and prevention go hand-in-hand, and we believe that emphasis on the latter will help us succeed in implementing the former.

  1. Provide successful treatment to individuals and their families suffering from consequences of chemical abuse and addiction. We strive to constantly improve patient treatment outcomes.Educate the public in ways to prevent and intervene on chemical dependency’s progressive destruction. Cornerstone will demonstrate to families, employers, schools, legal systems, health care professionals, and clergy that they have a clear role and the greatest influence on intervention and recovery.
  2. Cornerstone will conduct this mission with enthusiasm, hope, compassion, and sensitivity to needs of the individual and groups with whom we work. Our business will be based on the recovery principles taught to our patients and on providing the right treatment the first time to each of our patients. Cornerstone will offer equal opportunity to patients and staff alike to join us in our mission of recovery, regardless of race, religion or national origin.
To be recognized by our peers, healthcare professionals, potential clients, and the public as the leader in chemical dependency and related treatment services, independently and in alliances with others. As the leader, Cornerstone will maintain an organization wide commitment to excellence as defined by Cornerstone’s “Five ‘P’s of Quality”

People: Recruit and maintain the best staff available in the industry.

Programs: Develop and maintain a philosophy of treatment and therapeutic treatment programs that will produce the best patient outcomes in our industry.

Place: Provide a therapeutic environment and facilities that will promote the best opportunity for personal change and recovery.

Post-Treatment: Provide the most consistent aggressive follow-up care available giving patients and organizations a long term support base and monitoring services to promote the change process necessary for recovery.

Price: Be recognized as the best value in our industry, providing the most affordable comprehensive care available. Our clients and the public will know that the cost of untreated chemical dependency is much more than the cost of treatment.

Integrity: Value actions that are fair, ethical, and responsible, conducting all activities in accord with the highest ethical standards.

Respect for the individual: Recognize that everyone’s work is important and that utilizing diversity is the key to Cornerstone’s success. Give responsibility, authority, training, and tools necessary to allow staff closest to our customers to make decisions.

Teamwork: Value cooperation and focus on what is necessary “to get the job done” not on “what is my job”.

Innovation and continuous improvement: Build an environment that values quality, creativity and prudent risk taking. Mistakes are seen as learning opportunities.

Honest communication: Internal- Establish open and direct communications between all functional areas. Keep others well informed. Solve problems and conflicts directly without discussing or complaining to others not directly involved. External- Deal with customers promptly, professionally, courteously, and openly to enhance the value of Cornerstone’s services.

Leadership: Lead with vision, inspiration and by example. Value coaching, positive reinforcement, high standards, and operate with a sense of urgency.

Flexibility: Be quick to respond to opportunities to improve service and opportunities for growth.

Our Facilities

Located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, Cornerstone of Recovery consists of three main facilities, all distinguished by their programs/services and named according to each facility’s address.

1214 Topside Road, Louisville, TN 37777:

Medical detox, assessment/observation, and adult residential programs are all housed in the 1214 Topside facility along with the main administration staff. Within this building are 46 residential beds. Clients have access to around-the-clock nursing care, the dining hall, exercise/recreation room, community room, laundry facilities, and an outdoor courtyard. Patient rooms are located within this facility in a private area away from the reception and main administration offices.

1120 Topside Road, Louisville, TN 37777

Located a few blocks away, the inpatient residential relapse and young adult treatment programs are housed in the 1120 Topside facility. Additional detox beds are available here as well. While patients dine in the main dining room at 1214 Topside, all other activities for these programs take place in this facility. In-house nursing care is also provided 24 hours a day. This facility houses 34 beds, community rooms, a recreation room, refreshment area, and laundry facilities.

4726 Airport Highway, Alcoa, TN 37701

Minutes from the Topside Road facilities and Knoxville’s McGhee-Tyson Airport, this facility hosts the intensive outpatient and continuous care/aftercare programs. Here one will find open meeting space, individual and group therapy rooms, continuous care/aftercare resources as well as administrative offices. Also located on the 4726 Airport Highway premises are four separate support-living houses.

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