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Cornerstone of Recovery Events

Online and In-Person Events for Our Recovery Community

For Cornerstone Alumni, Addiction Treatment Professionals, Social Workers, Human Resources Professionals, Licensed Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and all advocates for recovery

At Cornerstone, we believe in building a supportive community of advocates, learners, professionals, and friends, which is why we offer a variety of recovery events and webinars for our network. Whether you’re seeking to expand your knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, or stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, we’ve got you covered.

Voices of Hope

Every Thursday at 7 PM, join us for a virtual program where individuals in recovery share their stories of experience, strength, and hope. Contact Jennifer Gibson, Director of Alumni Services, for more information via email at or call 256-563-4050.

“Cornerstone of Recovery saved my life. It gave me a life I thought I would never have.”

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For over 30 years, our innovative inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs have been making healing and hope possible.

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