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Drug and Alcohol Detox Services at Cornerstone

Recovery at Cornerstone begins with a safe medical detox

Treating substance use disorder generally begins with detoxification, more commonly called drug and alcohol detox.

At Cornerstone, you can be confident the beginning of your recovery journey is safe and medically-supervised with our onsite detox services. Staffed with licensed professionals specifically trained in treating addiction, detox at Cornerstone employs evidence-based methods and medications to minimize withdrawal symptoms and make you as comfortable as possible.

Detox Services at Cornerstone Feature:

    • Modern facilities, conveniently located on the Cornerstone of Recovery campus

    • Comprehensive clinical and medical evaluation

    • Treatment using clinically-proven methods and medications

    • 24/7 care and monitoring

    • Individualized detox treatment planning

    • Assistance with transitioning to the next level of care

alcohol and drug detox

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What is Detox or Detoxing?

As a person becomes tolerant of a substance, they will also become dependent on the substance. Over time, if they stop using, they can experience withdrawal symptoms that often are the opposite of the drug’s intended effects.

Withdrawal symptoms can be severe, including shaking, headaches, or vomiting, as the body tries to balance itself without the substance. In our detox program at Cornerstone, patients are carefully monitored 24/7 by licensed medical and clinical staff.

Detoxification removes substances, or toxins, from the body, helping it recover from its dependence on alcohol or drugs. This process is necessary to stabilize the body before beginning the next steps in a treatment plan.

What happens in a drug and alcohol detox process?

During your stay in our detox unit, our staff will regularly assess your physical condition, monitoring vital signs like blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate, as well as checking in on your mental and emotional state. Our medical team may also prescribe medications to ease withdrawal symptoms during this process.

Most importantly, you’ll have plenty of time to rest, rejuvenate, and reset your body and mind before joining a community of peers in the residential program. The detox process can take 24 hours to a few days but will always be customized to fit your specific condition and circumstances. Our main objective is to stabilize your body and ensure you are healthy enough to begin your treatment program.

The Cornerstone
The Cornerstone

Cornerstone offers proven addiction treatment at every level of care, making it possible for us to personalize treatment plans to meet every patient’s individual needs.


Safe, comfortable, and supportive: the onsite medical detox services at Cornerstone help you begin your recovery story.

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Our residential program offers intensive treatment programs for alcohol or drug addiction in a safe, supportive, and structured environment.

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Extended Care

Our Extended Care program offers extra time to work through the barriers keeping them from establishing or maintaining long-term recovery.

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A step down from inpatient rehab, patients in our Partial Hospitalization Program reside at home or other supportive living arrangement, commuting to our facility for intensive counseling.

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Our programs, including intensive outpatient programs (IOP), offer comprehensive services with flexible schedules, allowing you to engage in home or work responsibilities while in treatment.

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Specialty Programs

We offer specialized programming, including Chronic Pain, Faith-Based, Young Adult, and career-based tracks for professionals in a variety of fields.

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We are in network with most insurance providers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, TRICARE, and Veterans Community Care programs. Contact us for a free insurance verfication to find out what benefits are available through your plan

A New Beginning

This place saved my life. It’s so clean and beautiful and just gives you peace of mind while you are trying to get clean and start building back your life.”

– Denia, Cornerstone Alumnus

A New Beginning

This place saved my life. It’s so clean and beautiful and just gives you peace of mind while you are trying to get clean and start building back your life.”

– Denia, Cornerstone Alumnus