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What To Expect At Rehab For Alcoholism

rehab for alcoholicIf you’re battling the bottle, know this: You’re not alone.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, roughly 17.6 million Americans suffer from what’s labeled as Alcohol Use Disorder. That’s a fancy way of describing the obsession to drink and the compulsion that drives you to do so, even when every rational thought in your head is telling you to stop. If you’re like most alcoholics, you find yourself lost and hopeless, opening a bottle or a can at all hours of the day with shaking hands and tilting it to your mouth even though every fiber of your being is screaming for you to stop.

There’s good news, however: You’re sick. You have a disease. And it is treatable. But first, you need to have the willingness to seek that treatment. Here at Cornerstone of Recovery, we’ve been treating alcoholics since our inception; our founder, the late Bill Hood, was a recovering alcoholic who went from the heights of corporate success to staggering through the door of treatment in the late 1970s, so debilitated by drink that his first counselors thought that strenuous physical activity might very well kill him.

Bill found sobriety, and in 1989, he launched Cornerstone of Recovery to help others do the same. Needless to say, we’ve treated a lot of alcoholics over the past 28 years, and we understand full well that you’re suffering from a malady over which you have no control.

At Cornerstone, your first step is with our Assessment and Orientation team. We’ll take stock of your medical needs, and we’ll begin the detoxification process immediately. Alcohol withdrawal is serious and, if untreated, sometimes deadly, but under the guidance of our trained medical staff, your health and safety are our top priority. A regimen of detox medication and round-the-clock monitoring by our medical personnel will keep you as comfortable as possible during that process, which typically lasts three days.

Afterward, we’ll ease you into one of our treatment programs, each of which is designed for specific patient groups. If this isn’t your first time through treatment, we have a Relapse Recovery program that will help you determine what tripped you up your first time, or first several times, through treatment. On the other end of the spectrum, we have a Newcomers program, specifically for first-time treatment patients. There are a number of other treatment paths as well, from one for young adults to ones for professionals in a variety of fields, so know this — whatever your needs are, Cornerstone can meet them.

You’ll be introduced to a support group of peers who are seeking the same recovery you are. You’ll work with trained counselors and staff members, many of whom are members of the recovery community themselves, so they know exactly what you’re going through. You’ll be guided through a therapy process that will help you address the reasons you feel compelled to drink in the first place, and why, once you start, you find yourself unable to stop. We’ll shine a light on the dark places within you, and together, we’ll dispel that darkness.

We can help you find it within yourself to put down the bottle and pick up a new way of life. It’s been our mission for more than 28 years, and if you give us an opportunity to introduce you to that mission, you will — to borrow a phrase from one of the 12-Step programs in which we believe — know a new freedom and a new happiness. It’s waiting for you here at Cornerstone of Recovery; all you have to do is pick up the phone and reach out to us.

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