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Treating Addiction with Adventure-Based Counseling

Adventure-Based Counseling, also known as Adventure Therapy, is a unique form of psychotherapy introduced in the United States during the 1960s.

While it draws inspiration from various learning and psychological theories, its core philosophy revolves around learning through real-life experiences. This approach to therapy has shown promising results in improving individuals’ self-concept, self-esteem, and ability to seek help. It also encourages prosocial behavior and builds trust among participants.

At Cornerstone of Recovery’s inpatient treatment facility near Knoxville, TN, Adventure-Based Counseling is offered through an exciting program called the Challenge Course. This course, led by Cornerstone’s Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS), involves nature-based rope obstacles that provide a unique therapeutic experience.

The Challenge Course at Cornerstone serves as a platform for patients to discover their strengths and work together to overcome various tasks. The CTRSs use these challenges as metaphors for battling addiction, emphasizing that reaching the finish line requires teamwork and support, much like the journey to recovery. In the recovery community, the support of peers is invaluable in achieving sobriety.

Similar to the ropes course, some obstacles on the Challenge Course push patients out of their comfort zones, helping them confront their fears head-on. The concepts of facing fears and stepping outside comfort zones are fundamental principles in recovery. The distinctive therapeutic exercises and the natural setting of the Challenge Course also encourage shared learning, openness, and cooperation among participants.

Among the various therapies available at Cornerstone, Adventure-Based Counseling sessions are particularly memorable for many patients. Alums return to the campus each year to participate in the Challenge Course again in a community event sponsored by our Alumni Program.
Adventure-Based Counseling is just one of the many addiction therapy options offered at Bradford rehab centers.

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