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What to Bring

One of our goals at Cornerstone of Recovery, Inc. is to provide a safe, therapeutic environment for patients to heal from addiction. Below is a list of guidelines to follow when packing for your stay with Cornerstone.

Due to limited space, please limit what you bring to 2 normal size bags of luggage.

    • Please know that items will be removed from your luggage and inspected individually.
    • Bring a backpack or book bag to carry books and other personal belongings around campus.
    • Bring comfortable clothes and shoes [Examples: t-shirts, jeans, sweats, khaki pants, etc.] You will need a set of loose fitting gym clothes and a pair of athletic shoes for fitness activities. Each item of clothing will be inspected, and staff will scrutinize for appropriateness. No clothing items that have drug references, alcohol advertisements, weapon images or sexual innuendo will be allowed. There are washers and dryers available to patients free of charge, and we provide detergent. If you need special detergent for sensitive skin, please bring it with you.
    • Please bring your insurance card, prescription card, and ID.  Cornerstone will need to copy these upon your arrival.
    • Limit jewelry to what you wear daily and leave valuables at home.
    • Personal items such as toiletries will also be inspected. Please refer to the list of items that are not allowed in treatment for restrictions.
    • Linens and towels are provided, however you are welcome to bring your own pillow.  Cornerstone provides 3 meals a day, and snacks are available at our on-campus market.
    • Bring a 30-day supply of all medications currently prescribed and any OTC medications you are currently taking. All prescriptions must be in their original pharmacy bottles. Medications (including dietary supplements) will be given to nursing for evaluation. If our medical staff deem these appropriate, you will be able to continue taking these while in treatment, when they’ll be administered by nursing staff.
    • Clock radios that do not include a CD or tape player.
    • Reading material that is spiritual in nature (the Bible, the Koran, etc.) or recovery-related (the A.A. Big Book or the N.A. Basic Text, for example)
    • Hair dryers are permitted.
    • Cornerstone permits the use of tobacco in designated areas outside the building.  You must bring your own cigarettes/snuff.
    • While all of your basic needs will be taken care of, you may want to bring money for snacks, sodas, etc., all of which can be purchased at our on-campus store. The store also stocks clothing, reading material, personal hygiene items and other products that you may run out of or forget to bring. The only items patients will be allowed to purchase off campus are tobacco-related, during designated outings while accompanied by staff. In addition, patients do participate in 12-Step meetings and a donation basket is passed at these meetings (the typical donation amount is $1). Please use your discretion when bringing spending money; you will have an opportunity to keep it in a staff-supervised locker along with other items, should you so desire.
    • A credit or debit card to have on file.
    • An umbrella or light rain jacket.
    • A small notebook with names and numbers of those you want to stay in contact with.

Voting Rights: 
Cornerstone of Recovery encourages all patients seeking admission during the time of a primary, general, local or “special” election to request absentee ballot prior to being admitted.  Per Tennessee code absentee voting can occur up to 90 days of stated election but not later than seven (7) days before the election.  If you are from another State please contact your assigned voting precinct for their absentee ballot procedure.

The list below are items that are not permitted while in treatment at Cornerstone:

  • No weapons of any kind, on your person or in your vehicle. Any devices, tools, blades or other items used for personal protection are not allowed on the Cornerstone of Recovery campus.
  • No outside food or drink can be brought with you to campus. You are allowed to purchase snacks from the Corner Market, on campus, and snack food will be provided to community rooms of our four main treatment programs.
  • Cologne or perfume
  • Mouthwash is not allowed, unless it is alcohol free (examples of allowable mouthwash: Smart Mouth Alcohol-Free Mouthwash, Listermint Alcohol Free Mouth Wash or Act Alcohol Free Ant-Cavity Fluoride Rinse)
  • Aerosol cans; hair spray in a pump container is allowed
  • Products with alcohol listed in the first 5 ingredients are not permitted. Allowable forms are cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol and denatured alcohol which cannot be consumed and are typically found in conditioners, deodorants, and lotions.
  • Any items that do not show proof of content on the label are not permitted
  • Magazines, books and other reading material that are not spiritual or recovery-related
  • Condoms, sexual devices or enhancement medications are not permitted
  • Inappropriate pictures or pornography are not permitted
  • Drug or alcohol paraphernalia is not permitted
  • Electronic devices such as smart watches, gambling games, handheld games of any brand or kind, cellphones/PDAs/smart-phones, mp3 players, disc players, Walkmans and personal laptop/netbook computers
  • Cameras (digital or film)
  • Refillable vaping devices: Pre-filled and sealed vapes are allowed, but any vaping devices that can be taken apart and filled by the user are not allowed.

Please be aware that Cornerstone of Recovery, Inc. is not held liable for lost, broken or stolen items.